Throw Harder Faster Charlotte NC
Throw Harder Faster Charlotte NC
Throw Harder Faster
Throw Harder Faster
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Become a dominant pitcher

Play the best positions

Earn more playing time

Stay Healthy

Teaching efficient movement patterns, increasing strength & speed, and improving mobility and flexibility.

What makes THF different?

We teach...

  • By blending athleticism with throwing.  We increase each students athleticism by developing "fast twitch" muscle fiber and using it in their delivery.  
  • Movements – not positions - Many pitching instructors interumpt a student's learning by teaching positions like the "balance" position. Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford, Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan never stopped at a balance position.
  • Arm action - The first and foremost key to throwing harder. Yet most coaches and instructors simply don't teach it.
  • Lower body - We teach how to move your lower body to pitch with more momentum, rhythm and energy.
  • Better finish - We teach a better finish by repeating proper deceleration mechanics into their delivery.
  • Movement sequences - A hard thrower’s legs, hips, core, shoulders, and arm fire in the correct sequence.  It’s called the kinetic chain.  

Note: Our methods are heavily influenced by Ron Wolforth, Randy Sullivan, Alan Jaeger, and Eric Cressey. Many of the worlds foremost experts on developing velocity.

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