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Command Matters to Coaches:

"Just throw strikes!" - "Get it over!" - "Make them hit it!"

How many times have you heard coaches repeat these phrases?  


Coaches want pitchers who pound the strike zone, get ahead in the count, keep their infielders attentive, and move the game along.  Throwing strikes keeps your pitch counts low, your bullpen fresh, and unearned runs low.  


COMMAND means putting the ball where you want it.  But throwing SLOWER does not translate into COMMAND.   Neither does AIMING.  So what should a pitcher do?

Practice with a purpose

Throw at 90 to 95% of your max velocity.  Use TARGET PADS and Command Charts to learn your pitching patterns.  If you don't chart your bullpens, how do you measure improvement?  Let us teach you how to truly prepare you for competition. 


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