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Q) Is it safe?

A) Yes. While no program can guarantee freedom from injury, our staff is highly skilled at designing protocols to significantly reduce that risk.  Safety of every player is our utmost concern. By teaching efficient movement patterns, ensuring an effective total body warm-up, and adjusting the workload to the player’s season, we have a sensible approach to achieving gains while reducing the risk of injury.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) Our clients agree that our rates are very reasonable.  Because we measure progress, and you can see results.  We think you’ll agree.   Your first session is free to allow us to evaluate if we are a good match for each other.   After that, you can choose one of our packages.  For specific prices, please contact us.  Our sessions are much less expensive than the average traditional pitching lesson.



Q) My son is not really a pitcher. Would he still benefit from the program?

A) Yes, absolutely.  Our throwing program is improves throwing velocity and accuracy for infielders, catchers, and outfielders.  Our workouts a specific to baseball players and translate into more rotational power, more fast twitch muscle fiber, and that helps all 5 tools.


Q) How many sessions per week do you recommend?

A) The number of sessions per week varies based on whether the player is currently in-season, off-season, or pre-season.   Generally 2 sessions per week are the minimum to see steady improvement, while 4 sessions are on the upper end.  Athletes need time to rest and recover between workouts.


Q) What's the outline of the training program?

A) Typical workouts include Foam rolling, Dynamic warm-up & stretching, Mobility, Agility, Throwing Drills,  and Functional Strength.  


Q) What types of tools do you use?

A) The tools we use include agility ladders & hurdles, cones, medicine balls, tubing,  weighted baseballs, thick ropes, sleds, and many other things, and of course…baseballs.


Q) How long do the workouts take?

A) The workouts typically take a little over 1 hour for players age 9-12.  2 hours for middle school, high school, and college players. 


Q) Are the workouts all the same? 

A) The workouts are performed in stations in a consistent progression. Consistently builds player’s confidence and helps build measure improvement.   The workouts are all similar, but never the same.  Because there are so many variations, the workouts are productive yet  never boring. 


Q) How do I know my son is improving?

A)     The program is unique in that in each athlete competes with their personal best on virtually every drill or exercise.   During each session, players will beat their best and their efforts will result in extra velocity.   We will measure velocity no more than once per week.


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