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After experiencing arm pain, you visited the doctor....who took x-rays & said... "shut it down for 4-6 weeks".

"What should I do?"


  1. Stop throwing for the perscribed period of time.  (listen to your arm)   
  2. Schedule a physical therapist to see if you have other physical constraints or imbalances. (Specifically, ask them if they could perform a Functional Movement Screen or FMS.)  Measure your arm's internal and external rotation and examine your scapula.
  3. Before returning to baseball competition....consider having your son's throwing or pitching evaluated by THROW HARDER FASTER.   
    • With video analysis, and a trained eye, we can identify movement patterns, on-field behaviors, and over use issues that may be increasing your risk of injury.  
    • We can prescribe drills and arm care routines to avoid injury.
    • The location of the pain provides us information to help you avoid future doctors visits.  
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